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Monthly Activation – gets you all you would receive with your Mighties membership including the bonuses plus the monthly rollout of higher level educational materials

  • Monthly rollouts of valuable, instructive content
    • Short, insightful, updated mini-lessons from my timeless, valued protocol courses.
    • Snippets of content from my higher levels of education, The Academy of Practical Homeopathy® and Mastery™.
  • Regular Zoom meetings with me providing homeopathic teaching, a bit of inspiration and answers to your pressing questions. (My experience confirms that here is also where you will meet and establish life-long friendships with other Mighties Plus members.)
  • A monthly [bonus] accumulating points system. Each point equals dollars you can use to
    • Get discounts on my popular protocol courses
    • Give them as gift cards to loved ones allowing them to reduce the purchase of my courses with your bonus points dollars.
    • Coming soon – Apply them when you enroll in my Academy or Mastery programs

Over time your accumulated points will offset much of your Mighties Plus membership investment. Your investment in yourself – truly a win win. 

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Each month as you gain knowledge, you’ll grow your competence and confidence.

As you participate in regular Zoom meetings with me you will also be meeting, and establishing life-long friendships with Mighties Plus members.