Good Gut, Bad Gut: A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind




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"Good Gut, Bad Gut:

A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind"

“Our microbiome is essential for normal health and development and has been linked to practically every aspect of health, including mental health, skin health, immunity, obesity, heart disease and cancer.”

“The early life microbiome contributes to immune development. Antibiotics during pregnancy alter the microbiome and may influence disease risks in the offspring.”

“Our gut does more than help us digest food; the bacteria that call our intestines home have been implicated in everything from our mental health and sleep, to weight gain and cravings for certain foods.”

“Scientists have begun to draw links between: Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, Colon cancer, Anxiety, depression, autism and Arthritis…. and gut dysbiosis.”

“Getting our nutrients straight from a pill sounds easy, but supplements don’t necessarily deliver on the promise of better health. Some can even be dangerous, especially when taken in larger-than-recommended amounts.”

“Taking even ONE dose of antibiotics may permanently reduce the diversity of your gut bacteria.”

“Experts warn detox diet dangers”

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Would you like to learn more about this life-changing course?

I promise you will learn groundbreaking information in the world of homeopathy…state-of-the-art protocols, mom-tested, time-tested and scientifically validated in the finest research clinic in the world.

As far as I know, I’m the only person teaching these protocols in the Western World.  (Thanks to the Drs.Banerji for their generosity in teaching me.)


Are you one of 70 million people suffering from digestive diseases in the United States?

If you truly value genuine health, then you need to know now what to do now.

You owe it to yourself and your family to at least take a look.

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To be forewarned is to be prepared.

Good Gut, Bad Gut:
A Homeopathic Strategy
to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated
Illness in Body and Mind

ADHD. Delayed milestones. Moodiness. Food Intolerances.

Allergies. Sugar addictions.

Chronic fatigue. Constipation and diarrhea. Chronic bloating…

If your diet or your child’s diet has been

reduced to a small list of foods,

this is the course for you.

If you are struggling with chronic constipation or diarrhea,

this is the course for you.

If you suffer from bouts of brain fog,

this is the course for you.

If you fear your child is missing important growth milestones,

this is the course for you.

If you are unable to maintain your weight without drastic dieting,

this is the course for you.

If you just don’t feel like you are on top of your game,

this is the course for you.

Most of us know that nutrition matters and that a nutrient-dense, whole food diet is where it’s at. Okay, we get that part. But what if your meals are perfect, your food sources are top notch, and you make everything from scratch, yet you still have problems related to the gut such as ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, BLOATING, BRAIN FOG, AND WEIGHT GAIN…?

Here is my take on it:

Homeopathy has a history of uprooting these and many more seemingly unrelated conditions arising from a bad gut.

Let me tell you two stories…


Our first story is about Lucy Jones. Most of the time, Lucy was a focused teen who volunteered in student council and the church choir, all while earning high grades. Because of this generally well-balanced lifestyle, it took a while for her family to recognize that she was becoming increasingly more difficult to live with.

This notion came alive, however, at the time of her sweet sixteen birthday. Lucy wanted to serve only ice cream at her party. No pizza, no chips, just ice cream in decorative dishes with an assortment of fun toppings. Normally, her mother Diane would make ice cream from the raw cream she got from their local farmer and sweeten it with raw honey; however, they did not have enough cream to feed the invited crowd. So Diane bought regular old commercial ice cream for the party. The night before the party, Lucy and her sisters had a small bowl of the store-bought ice cream as a pre-party treat. After the family went to bed, Lucy was called by the ice cream in the freezer. So, she padded out of bed in the dark of the night and when the family woke in the morning, they didn’t notice the naked container, but they surely noticed Lucy. She was, shall we say, “hormonal.” Screeching and demanding that everyone pay attention to her because her belly was upset, she whipped her long hair in a female frenzy, finally collapsing into a heap of adolescent blubberings. This was not the first time this kind of thing had happened. There was the time when Lucy vomited, followed by an evening of tears after the choir party. She had also eaten more than a lady-like portion of ice cream on that occasion. When they recalled these disturbing performances, they remembered an association with other ice cream episodes. And now they became concerned that her recent low-level discontent might be related to the larger milk share to which they had recently committed with their farmer.

When Diane came to me she, was at her wit’s end. Mostly though, she was heartbroken for her daughter and worried about the demands her issues were putting on the rest of the family. Diane knew that if she took Lucy to a conventional doctor, the “solution” would likely be antidepressants or synthetic hormones or both. I suggested that Pulsatilla might suit Lucy because it is a remedy that is chosen for girls, in particular, who have a craving for and detrimental reaction to dairy products. It is also used for adolescents who can be demanding and petulant around hormonal shifts. This was perplexing to Diane, particularly as she knew that raw milk products were wholesome.

Well, of course they are! But Lucy needed a little homeopathic nudge to allow her body to utilize dairy foods correctly. Lucy began taking one dose every three days. The improvement began within the first month, when Lucy’s menses wasn’t painful for the first time in years. Her family also noted that she wasn’t prickly around the usual time. She had obligingly committed to abstinence from ice cream for a few weeks, but admitted that she had succumbed in the last days after cheerleader tryouts and had a hot fudge sundae after not making the squad. The fact that no one in the family knew about it was a testimony to her increased ability to tolerate both dairy and disappointments. Months later, Lucy subversively bought a quart of maple walnut ice cream (her favorite) and ate it over a period of days, again, without consequence. No belly aches, no tantrums. It has been nearly a year since Lucy took her remedy and except for one outburst after a school friend shunned her, she’s been symptom-free, ice cream-saturated and rather content.

One of my secret goals is to allow everyone to be able to eat at McDonald’s. It means they can tolerate even additive-laden foods without consequence. Top quality food as daily fare plus a well-chosen homeopathic remedy equals well-adjusted children. Lucy’s mom would have been an excellent candidate for this course. Lucy’s story is a perfect example of the kinds of cases I see so beautifully and gently resolved with safe, powerful, homeopathic medicines. Believe me, these tiny pills pack a powerful punch! These are the promises of a hormonally and gut-balanced childhood that make parenting a wee bit easier during critical maturation years. 

Now let me tell you about two families and the radically different outcomes that resulted – because one mom had knowledge and confidence, whereas the other was struggling.

  Sammy was a normal two-year-old however, he wasn’t feeling well because he had an ear infection. His parents took the crying toddler to the doctor where antibiotics were prescribed. This routine wasn’t new to Sammy’s family because only last fall, the same symptoms were met with the same prescription. After administering the antibiotic, the ear pain was gone by the following night, and Sammy was cheerful and energetic again. But six weeks later, Sammy once again cried out in the night with ear pain and a fever.

Considering this yet another isolated incident, his parents returned to the doctor for the next antibiotic. Again, peace. Within three months, the family was revisited with an ear infection again. This time, Sammy was put on a more powerful drug on a daily basis for a scheduled six months. His parents were relieved that this would finally be the end of his ear pain and fevers… because they believed the stronger antibiotic wouldn’t allow an infection to thrive. Instead, the now sallow Sammy began to have stomach pains and obstinate constipation accompanied by mild rectal bleeding, especially after certain foods. Again, a trip was made to the doctor, this time with a subsequent stay in the hospital for invasive and scary tests. The testing revealed nothing more than what the parents already suspected: the antibiotics were causing a new illness. A stool softener and analgesic were prescribed, along with a muscle relaxant and a prescription laxative. And Sammy remained on the antibiotic.

Now on five medications, each packing noteworthy side effects, Sammy’s ear infections were nonetheless NOT resolved. What’s more, Sammy was no longer able to have a normal bowel movement without the aid of medications. In fact, an inflammation in the descending bowel had caused some bleeding. This is an ideal site for an infection, which is exactly what happened to Sammy. He developed a rectal fissure that subsequently become abscessed. That’s a lot of pain and suffering for a small toddler. But how could this happen? Wasn’t he on a daily antibiotic? The doctor explained that within short order, antibiotics become nearly useless, and again a stronger product is required to keep the infection from mounting. Sammy’s life became a series of demoralizing medical appointments, scary invasive tests, pain and anxiety. There was little joy for Sammy and his parents. They had lost quality of life.  

Now, one of my most important messages to my audience is that mistreated acute conditions, such as childhood ear infections, lead to more serious conditions down the line. It’s like kicking the can down the road. When you use antibiotics for an ear infection or strep throat for example, it often leads to gut disturbances in the future. And since the gut is the hub for generating a healthy immune system, as well as having a major part to play in our endocrine system, gut disturbances can lead to a whole host of more serious problems, including food intolerances, allergies, autoimmune conditions, mood and mental disorders, hormone imbalances and more.

 If Sammy’s ear infections had been uprooted early with homeopathy (a relatively simple procedure that my students and clients accomplish on their own with regularity), Sammy could have avoided getting trapped on the medical conveyor belt of drugs and invasive procedures. So, is it too late for Sammy and his parents to get him off of that conveyor belt and back to health? No. Sammy’s case is more difficult now and will probably take a bit longer to resolve, but cases like his are exactly what this course aims to address.

Now let’s consider the case of Constance.

I have worked with Constance and her mother, initially as clients who consulted with me privately, but eventually Constance’s mother Loraine became so excited by the results she was seeing with homeopathy that she took several of my courses. Having recently completed my course Good Gut Bad Gut, Loraine feels confidently prepared to tackle her family’s day-to-day health problems on her own.

Constance is in her bed when she’s awakened by fever and sharp pain in her right ear, accompanied by frightening dreams. Her mother comes to her with her homeopathic remedy kit. While Constance’s father comforts the crying girl, her mother, with the aid of their well-worn and beloved binder of homeopathy notes, ascertains that Belladonna 30C, every few hours until the symptoms are improved, is the best choice for Constance’s symptoms. She administers the remedy twice within six hours, and Constance drops into a peaceful sleep. In the morning, this spirited teen is back to her packed social life with no sign of illness. That afternoon, their healthy family heads for a trip to the shore. No trip to the Urgent Care clinic, no antibiotics needed, no subsequent gut dysbiosis leading to food intolerances, allergies, skin problems or hormonal imbalances. Just a simple ear infection uprooted with homeopathy alone.

And what I see consistently in my practice is that simple acute conditions uprooted with homeopathy are unlikely to recur. Isn’t that fantastic?! Which lifestyle would you choose? These two cases are not extreme or isolated. I hear these stories every single day from moms.

Here (paraphrased), is what one of my mom’s, Cindy, advises other mothers do in similar situations: “Health is work. Roll up your sleeves and work for it. Never sit. You can win back control. It is worth the money and the effort. Be competitive — don’t give up. Is it immediate gratification? No. Homeopathy can take some time, but when it works you can say, ‘I healed them!’ And there is no greater gratification than that.”

My Story

Hi everyone, my name is Joette Calabrese and I’m a homeopathic consultant, lecturer, and author.

I’m also a Weston A. Price Foundation Honorary Board member and author of the column in Wise Traditions called, “The Homeopathy Journal.”

But more importantly, I’m also a mother and a person just like you who has struggled with serious health conditions in the past, including:

  • Severe environmental illness
  • Allergies
  • Pesticide exposure that resulted in a miscarriage

I know the dangers of TOXINS.

I pushed my city, Buffalo, NY, to become the first city in the United States to eliminate or minimize pesticides in and on public property. I worked with city council members, the mayor’s office, and every hospital in the Buffalo vicinity to halt their lawn pesticide practices.

I became consumed by the same fears, the same obsessions, the same paranoia and drive to achieve purity and perfection.

I lived in fear of cigarette smoke, household chemicals, cosmetics, air pollution, food additives and GMOs, dental procedures, tap water, mold, and of course, pesticides.

I thought the vigilant and perfect avoidance of these toxins was the only way I would get MY health back and ensure my family’s health.

But I was wrong.

It took me many years, and it was a long and winding road for me.

I am the woman I am now because I discovered there IS a better way.

A less stressful, much simpler, but also highly effective way.

I now depend on homeopathy for my health and for the health of my family.

I find this medicine not only brings me health, vitality, and more energy than I’ve ever had before, but it also brings me JOY — not stress.

I want to show you a SHORTCUT to get to where I am now, so you don’t have to waste time and money traveling down that same dark, foggy path Margaret and I did.

Even if you know a lot of homeopathy, even if you know very little homeopathy, and particularly if you’ve struggled in the past with homeopathy!

You are right where you should be!

Yes, it’s true: it is no longer necessary to undertake years of classroom study and countless hours of clinical practice for you to master a health strategy that is both safe and effective in treating CHRONIC and ACUTE GUT ISSUES.
Today, I am swinging open the doors to reveal a proven system I have used in raising my kids… literally taking your hand in mine to show you my methods, and answer your questions.

You can do this because I was there 35 years ago:

Get started today!

Good Gut, Bad Gut:
A Homeopathic Strategy
to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind

Why Homeopathy?

We have all done it.

Homeopathic Remedies are Safe, Effective Medicine.

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old medical paradigm. Are you aware of any other alternative medical standard that has been followed, utilized and researched for over 200 years?

Worldwide use of homeopathy is growing at a rate of 25%, except in one country – The United States – but that’s a whole other story in and of itself.

It is easy to find examples of Homeopathy being used:

  • My own local children’s hospital routinely gives Arnica to emergency room patients. Imagine!
  • For many years, plastic surgeons have been using Arnica under the name SinEcch™ to control swelling.

If you are afraid of the side effects of drugs; if you are tired of wasting money on ineffective supplements; if you are exhausted and stressed from trying to find the best alternative solution, and you rightfully suspect you are one of the 60 million suffering from an illness related to allergies…then you and I have something in common.

I tried all these things as well, and experienced all of the same frustrations until I found homeopathy; more specifically, the Banerji Protocols, which allowed me to truly break through that wall of frustration.

In this course, I will teach you the methods that made such a difference in my life, the lives of my family, my clients and my friends, as well as provide you with the ability to make a profound difference in your life.

I can teach you

I know the way to make the complex simple, the methods learnable today, and the solutions practical.

After nearly three decades of devotion to the WAPF methods, 60 weeks working side by side with the doctors at the world-famous Banerji Clinic in Kolkata, India, and 27 years of clinical experience related to gut, diet, and psychology…I have cracked the case.

I will teach you Practical Homeopathy.

To your classical homeopath, I know this sounds blasphemous but please, read on and let me explain.

I have been where you are now. I’ve dieted, taken supplements, bio-identical hormones, essential oils, herbs – but nothing, nothing has ever come close to the reproducible, safe, and effective results both I and my clients have achieved with homeopathy.

Teaching families has been my mission from day one, but oh, how frustrating it was when I always had to put my hand up and explain that this or that was outside the ability of a family to treat because it was a chronic condition.

The final pieces came together for me while I was in India working at the Banerji Clinic in Kolkata.

I traveled to Kolkata, India. Throughout my many fellowships over a total of 60 weeks, I sat next to the Drs. Banerji, observing and recording over 10,254 cases.

After a long day in the clinic shared with Dr. Prasanta and his son, Dr. Pratip Banerji, I would travel to the inner-city to visit the free evening clinic, and for 3-4 hours every night, I cataloged practically every disease known in the free world.  I observed and recorded as many as 100 cases per day.

I loved every single moment of this remarkable training, and now you get to reap the benefits.

Banerji Protocol vs. Classical Homeopathy

Peer Review

I presented my case for Practical Homeopathy.

Four years ago in April, I presented my case at the National Center of Homeopathy for a Practical Homeopathy and Pathology-Specific Homeopathy to a standing-room-only group of more than 500 attendees (mostly practitioners and students of the classical mode.)

Although I initially expected them to throw tomatoes at me, instead they were encouraged to learn there was a way other than classical that produced consistent results. As a direct result of this, the Drs. Banerji were asked to present on the subject in California a year later.

You may be asking yourself: Why should I take this course?

Would you prefer the arduous path traveled by Sammy’s family, or the one that Constance’s family chose? There is certainly hope for both with homeopathy, but one path is much easier than the other, and comes with less suffering and expense. If you’re already in a deep hole, like Sammy, I can help dig you out, but if we can avoid falling into that hole in the first place, all the better! Remember, by mistreating acute conditions, we have traded short-term, uncomplicated ills such as ear infections, sore throats, fevers and pimples, for these chronic illnesses:


Welcome to “Good Gut, Bad Gut” Syllabus

By the completion of the GGBG course, the student will come away with not only an overview, which is necessary to use homeopathy effectively, but specific strategies for each condition covered. The protocols taught in this course are unlike any other methods used in the U.S. and Europe because they are distilled to simplify an otherwise complex method. Joette uses the Banerji Protocols to give the astute student near immediate skill, bypassing years of homeopathic study.

    • Our problems are not as unique as we think
    • What causes a ‘bad gut’- problems with antibiotics, vaccines, drugs, suppression, bad diet and environmental toxins
    • General rules for using homeopathic remedies
    • Observation according to homeopathic theory: asking questions and taking note of symptoms that the patient might not notice or realize
    • Pacing of chronics vs. acutes and measure in degrees of changes
    • The connection between the health of the gut and the rest of the body
    • Diet alone is often not enough
    • Treating acutes to prevent chronics, dealing with chronics once they’ve set in
    • Obstacles to cure
    • Questions
  • How to take a case
  • Age-specific Banerji Protocols
  • Thoughts on the role of diet and other lifestyle factors
  • How to integrate the remedies to represent the person
  • Intro to nosodes
  • Some cases
  • Questions
  • Protocols covered:
    — Opening a case
    — Colic
    — Excessive crying
    — Teething
    — General food allergies
    — < sugar
    — < junk food
    — Reflux
    — Abdominal pain in children
    — Off in physical growth
    — Delayed milestones- mental or physical
    — Gastro with palpitations
    — Anticipatory anxiety
    — Eczema
    — Acne vulgaris
    — Teenage acne
    — Temper tantrums
    — Hypersensitivity, ADD, restlessness and autism
    — Morning sickness
    — Nursing mothers
    — Improving vitality and nutrient absorption in the elderly
    — Alzheimer’s, dementia
    — Anaphylaxis
    — Using homeopathy to treat emotions, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders



  • More pathology-specific Banerji Protocols and how they are laid out-prioritizing and combining
  • Cases
  • Reviewing questions and complex scenarios
  • Protocols covered;
    — Dysmenorrhea
    — Infertility
    — Mastitis
    — Irregular menses
    — Clearing a miscarriage
    — Anemia
    — Menopause
    — Hot flashes
    — Low libido, infertility or poor sperm quality
    — Headaches with nausea
    — Headaches-migraines
    — Colitis, ulcerative
    — Regurgitation
    — Burning in chest/throat after eating
    — Vomiting and poor appetite
    — Nausea, vomiting or gagging
    — Failure to thrive-to improve immunity
    — Failure to thrive-marasmus
    — Irritable bowel
    — Bad stool with rumbling
    — Hard stool
    — Prolapse with pain
    — Loose stool, gas and acidity
    — Constipation and bleeding and pain
    — Diarrhea
    — Parasites
    — Interstitial cystitis, UTIs
    — Bladder, kidney and cystitis with a temperature
    — Bladder, kidney and cystitis with dysuria
    — Candida glossitis
    — Skin rashes (in general)
    — Depression and feeling overwhelmed
    — Alopecia


  • More pathology-specific Banerji Protocols
  • More cases
  • Reviewing questions and complex scenarios
  • Ordering from OHM Pharma
  • Administration, dosing, antidoting
  • Protocols covered:
    — Colic
    — Difficult temperament
    — Leaky gut
    — Food insensitivities
    — Passive aggressive personality
    — Allergies
    — Crohn’s
    — Chronic fatigue
    — Indigestion, heartburn, bloating, gas
    — Gastro-related food intolerance
    — Undigested food in stool
    — Fungus infection
    — Peptic ulcer
    — Nausea
    — Fistula ano
    — Anal pain in general
    — Shingles
    — Diverticulitis
    — Panic attacks, anxiety
    — Temper tantrums
    — Celiac
    — Hashimoto’s
    — Dry, cracked skin
    — Pain from ovarian cysts


  • An examination of cases from Class 3 that were skipped
  • Questions answered
  • Protocols covered:
    — Bedwetting
    — Yeast/fungus
    — ADD
    — Protocols from webinar 3
    — Low thyroid
    — Food allergies
    — Severe constipation
    — Asthma
  • You’re doing it yourself!


Get started today!

Good Gut, Bad Gut:
A Homeopathic Strategy
to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind

What comes with the course?

And just like all my other courses:

If you are new to homeopathy, this is the homework that will bring you up to speed before this course starts. If you are experienced, it provides a valuable refresher for some things you may have forgotten or missed.

Let me warn you, my courses are so crammed with information that people used to complain they felt overwhelmed. I DON’T WANT YOU TO FEEL OVERWHELMED. I want you to find this easy, fun, and do-able. That’s why I made this mini-course. That’s why I created this format that allows you to go back and review each lesson as many times as you like, as slowly or as quickly as you like.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and my classes draw an audience that covers the broadest range from experienced medical practitioners, to curious moms with no prior experience with homeopathy. I believe I’ve perfected the art of making sure no matter what your skill level is, you will feel comfortable with and be able to benefit from my courses; that’s the whole point. MY goal is for YOU to learn the skills and information you need to care for your family with homeopathy, and to achieve so many success stories that you develop the same passion for homeopathy that I have.

Reasons not to take this course:

She is partially right; it is not classical. I will not cast aspersions on classical homeopaths – however, I will tell you, if you want to take control of your own health and the health of your children by becoming the healer in your home using efficacious, reproducible, simple practical protocols – this is the fastest way! I know because I used to be a classical homeopath myself. Join me in my world of homeopathy with velocity. You can start learning today!

This is the medicine you thought you were getting from your family doctor. I raised my three boys to adulthood with only homeopathy and pig-headed determination. And yes, they never received a single antibiotic. EVER!

All materials will be available 24/7 for you to study from the comfort of your living room on your time.

I understand this might not be your time. The clients that I consult with are special; they share a common character trait – they have suffered long, “tried everything,” been frustrated with only little successes, and land at my door with no other alternative left to try.

  • Many of my clients stay hopelessly addicted to their “four food groups” with childlike doggedness. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, the founder of the GAPS diet, reports that more than foods need to be adjusted, more than enzymes taken for life. She advises that homeopathy should also be utilized to find the satisfying cadence and an end to gastrointestinal and associated ills.

 I have been studying my entire life for the expressed purpose of learning the healthiest way to raise my three children. I have taken courses that took me away from my babies for a weekend each month, 24 months in a row. I have taken courses that require substantial financial commitments when really, we did not have the money. Believe me, I know all the reasons justifying the decision against taking another course. Benjamin Franklin said something 250 years ago that still rings true today. This, and the infographic, From Bad Gut to Good Gut, should be on everyone’s refrigerator:

Benjamin Franklin said something 250 years ago that still rings true today. I believe this quote, and my free infographic, should be on everyone’s refrigerator:

“If you think knowledge is expensive, try ignorance.”


Download the Good Gut, Bad Gut Infographic today!

Good Gut Bad Gut Infographic

You have some choices:

Are you going to travel down the conventional medical conveyor belt?

Or, attempt to climb by yourself the alternative medicine paradigm ladder with you and/or your children’s precious health in the balance?

Or, are you going leap ahead, start using the medicine you have been searching for (the medicine you thought you were getting from your doctor) and take back your God-given right to be the healthcare provider in your family?

If you have a daughter or son, you instinctively know they may develop food allergies. Are you ready to get on the medical conveyor belt, or the alternative medical gauntlet of expensive supplements? Do you really want to start a rigid, restrictive diet?

Vision isn’t easy. As a result, many of you will let this opportunity to…

  • Gain Confidence
  • Gain Competence
  • Gain Pride
  • Gain Freedom from worry, and doubt.
  • Take control back from the insensitive medical establishment. Interact with them on your terms.

…slip through your fingers and live to regret it. In this case, I will make it easy for you not to let this one pass you by.

I am offering a simple, interest-free payment plan and a no-risk, 100% money back guarantee.

What’s in it for you?

You will learn clear, easy-to-follow protocols that teach you how to treat these and other chronic conditions. Plus:

  • Where to find the remedies
  • How to receive a student discount equivalent to a practitioner’s.

Imagine knowing exactly how to treat your child after a night at a friend’s house leaves him moody and irritable from all the candy and cake. Holidays and birthday parties are always ever-present, but you will be good and ready for them after taking this course. This is where the study of homeopathy offers one of its greatest gifts. It squarely places the ability to cure where it belongs…in the hands of the family.

New – A time stamp index of every condition across all five webinars allowing for the quick search and then immediate access to the exact webinar slide where the original or continued discussion took place

Get started today!

Good Gut, Bad Gut:
A Homeopathic Strategy
to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind

A final comment to all my alumni:

This is the course that will allow you to get out ahead of all the conditions dealt with in my other courses.

This is the foundational course.

If you haven’t taken any of my other courses, not to fear.

My offer to you is risk-free.


Practical Homeopathy will, upon request via, issue a refund if the request is made within 24 hours of purchase and the title has not been watched for more than 2 hours.

You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Practical Homeopathy – for any reason. Maybe you purchased a course by mistake or maybe, after watching an hour of a course video, you felt it was not right for you.

There are more details but even if you fall outside of the refund rules described here, you can still request a refund, and we’ll take a look.

Don’t let this chance pass you by and live to regret it.

Don’t let this chance pass you by and live to regret it (this invaluable offer won’t last forever). Remember when I said at the beginning that this course is for you, even if you know very little about homeopathy? Here’s why: I am including a 5-part, pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation entitled: Intro To Homeopathy and Banerji Approach to Homeopathy. Once you are enrolled in the course, you will be provided a link to a special page where you will be able to watch the presentation as many times as you wish. Each student who watches these five 10-20 minute presentations will come away with a better understanding of the theory and history of homeopathy. Now, no worries. You will have a better grasp of homeopathy so that you can begin this course and hit the floor running. My offer to you is risk-free. Join the class through the first webinar, then try and convince yourself to stop.

A Bonus for Those New to Homeopathy

Remember when I said at the beginning that this course is for you, even if you know very little about homeopathy?

Here’s why: I am including a 5-part, pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation entitled: Intro to Homeopathy and Banerji Approach to Homeopathy.

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will be provided a link to a special page where you will be able to watch the presentation as many times as you wish.

Each student who watches these five 10-20 minute presentations will come away with a better understanding of the theory and history of homeopathy.

Now, no worries. You will have a better grasp of homeopathy so that you can begin this course and hit the ground running.

Still not convinced?

Here. Take a sneak peek of the course now:

What every mom and dad needs to know…

For those of you that want to see what these fellow students learned in the Course.

Play Video about coffee, glasses, open book-2511065.jpg



2 Videos

Get started today!

Good Gut, Bad Gut:
A Homeopathic Strategy
to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illness in Body and Mind

If you believe in homeopathy, if you dislike the allopathic option, if intuitively, you are simply looking for another way…this is the time. This is the moment. You will not find this material anywhere else. (Unless you can get a fellowship and want to travel to India!)

Please join me and let me guide you toward a journey of optimal health.


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Get started now! Homeopathy has been embraced by more than 500 million people throughout the world because it is gentle, powerful, elegantly simple and uncommonly inexpensive. And as long as the correct remedy is chosen, it works.

But that has always been the challenging part. For many years, as a classical homeopath, I searched for shortcuts, protocols and pathology-specific remedies that I could employ, as well as teach families. I knew that homeopaths in India had the lead on these methods. In the past 10 years, I studied every homeopathy book I could find written by Indian homeopaths (I own 47 of them), most penned by MDs, and spent five years studying with homeopathic Indian doctors in New York and Toronto. Little by little, I began piecing together and collecting methods simpler than those I had learned in classical homeopathy, so that the method was as simple as naming the illness, and the remedy was already determined. But it wasn’t until my fellowships at the Banerji Clinic in Calcutta, India, in 2013 and again in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 that I learned and honed skills that are reproducible.

This is when I became an advocate for their relatively simple, straightforward homeopathy methods to treat acute as well as chronic conditions. I have compiled this information in my course Good Gut, Bad Gut to help people stuck in the quagmire left by antibiotics and other drugs, particularly conditions that originate from the gastrointestinal tract.

More importantly, to be able to follow simple instructions for specific ills.  And check out what other moms have said about learning what I have gathered over the years. It is the perfect course for Sammy’s family. I hope they consider it. Now go forth and heal your family, the genuine and elegant way!