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Joette's Mighty Members


I love the word “mighty.” So, what I’ve created is a
membership site – Joette’s Mighty Members.

Now, years later …

My Mighties ranks have grown, and we have truly become a movement! We meet in a safe, almost sacred place — not on a social media site or a paid-for subscription service contained in an app. Instead, we meet on my own private server, as secure from outsiders’ prying eyes as physically possible. 

All the benefits and more are just below. But first, a little background for those of you just arriving here for the first time.

Can we very briefly take a step back?  

Not so long ago, a certain virus was labeled as the devil. The mainstream media had just begun their monotonous drumbeat: danger, danger, danger!

I remember my husband, Perry, coming back from walking the dog on the small service road near our home here in South Florida, shaking his head with disbelief.

Masked, wrapped faces were moving to the other side of the road – eyes averted with no usual nods of good morning.

Then …


Social distancing. (What does social distancing mean, really? How can one be social and not connect?)

Then there were more contradictory statements from our leaders:

The vaccine will stop the virus in its tracks.

The vaccine will reduce the symptoms.

Confusion, Fear, Stress, Danger!

Amid all this fear, we launched a daily email, At Home with Homeopathy. This email series was first meant to be informational, hoping to reduce the stress of the unknown with information used in my own practice as well as info garnered from my colleagues around the world.

From information, we shifted to inspiration. And then, when we thought we could, we even introduced some light comedy!

My team and I kept it up for 94 days straight.

Many of you told me it was the beacon of sanity that carried you through those tough times.

Many of you (and I am not speaking to those who simply learned how to binge-watch Netflix) established new goals — a new personal mission that you were just beginning to feel good about.

To quote Dr. Jordan Peterson:

“One needs goals, for it is in the pursuit of goals that almost everyone finds positive emotion.”

I truly believe you brave and proactive folks are actively seeking more self-reliance and courageously taking a stand by Doing Something Good and Right for your life, family and loved ones. Otherwise, why would you be here?

As we tried to pivot back to normal, I realized I had created a special connection with many of my readers and students, and I did not want to break that connection.

But whatever was to become the next step had to be even better!

It had to be more! It had to be housed in a secure place where moms, grandmothers and others could discuss their thoughts on the subject of homeopathy, share testimonies and resources …

A place where the conversation was free from the fear of “fact-checkers” and even worse.

It had to be a place to easily interact with other like-minded folks — whether they have used homeopathy for decades or are newbies.

It had to be a place where members could make that special lasting connection when a common goal is freely shared.

Where knowledge can be passed on safely.

Where we could gird ourselves with the shield of homeopathy, protecting our families and loved ones and leading our families into a brighter, healthier future filled with peace of mind, happiness and pride!

So, I created …

Joette's Mighty Members

I love the word “mighty.” So, what I’ve created is a membership site – Joette’s Mighty Members.

Years ago, I hoped we would pivot back to normal. I don’t feel that way now. 

Now, more than ever, we need this safe, secure place to share information, inspiration and hope.

So, you have my promise: I will keep Joette’s Mighty Members a hallowed, safe place for you to meet, share your thoughts, testimonies and successes. 

Our membership site is particularly important because I know how pivotal it can be to get advice on what — or when — to use this homeopathic or that. What a treasure!

For my part, I will continue to provide valued content I’m unable to share in a Facebook Live, on another social media site or even on my own public blog.

That content comes in many ways …

  • Daily inspirational quotes in your email inbox each morning
  • My insights in the form of regular Memos to Mighty Members (new, detailed articles written just for my Mighties)
  • Occasional candid follow-ups to my public blog posts with more information
  • Videos, stories and teaching moments originating from both my personal and professional life

All that, and there’s still more coming. But you won’t know unless you join us.

So, in this, the inaugural month of that memorable year that started it all, we’ll have a special gift (more homeopathy tips) for all new subscribers as well as those who renew!

Here’s what you get in addition to the special renewal bonus. 


  • Every day, you will receive a message from me in your inbox, intended for your eyes only — snippets of inspiration for each new day.
    My tech team has formatted these personal messages in the shape of a large sticky note. They’re perfect to download and place on your refrigerator (sticky part not included)!
  • You’ll have access to videos from me, sharing ideas that I usually save only for my classes and personal clients. This is kind of like our secret spot where I can be more honest than I can in public online. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a wave of censorship occurring now — particularly of alternative medicine practitioners
  • You’ll receive a discount on my super-popular protocol courses. And you will be some of the first to see my newest courses, as I will offer sneak peeks to you as Mighty Members.

And … 

  • On this site, I also simulcast my Facebook Live events every Monday night to all my Mighties.
  • Members can watch and talk (via a chat window) with your Mighty buds – free from Facebook’s prying eyes, fact-checkers or “misinformation” blockers.
  • Plus, you can participate in special Mighty Live events when current events prompt a private conversation with just my Mighties.

But what I’m most excited about with this membership site is what it doesn’t have: It doesn’t have a private Facebook group.
Nope! What it does have is a private discussion group hosted on my server. 

Yup! No Facebook!

Our Mighty Members’ discussion group is familiar for those who like Facebook yet safe for those who don’t.

So, as my tech team develops more innovative offerings,  you will be the first to see, engage with and appreciate them.

The new normal. So, did anything positive coming out of the last few years?

Was there a silver lining? Always the optimist, I say, “Yes!”

If you’ve started pursuing the goal of using homeopathy and are feeling good about it: 

  • This is the silver lining.
  • Gaining competence and confidence is the achievable goal.

Let’s not lose that good feeling!

Let me add my small part to keep you on the journey with a daily spark of inspiration (and all the other good stuff).

Employing homeopathy as my medicine has allowed me to embody the meaning of this word, and I assure you, it can for you as well.


“A certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”

Is that not a worthy goal to aspire ?

I want you to have Sprezzatura in the practice of homeopathy on yourself, your friends and your family.

Indeed, it’s a beautiful attribute to pursue … and to feel good in the act, too!

So join me.

What's included!

Here’s what you’ll receive by becoming one of Joette’s Mighty Members:

… no more concerns about censorship. This is a Facebook-free group to let you chat freely with your newfound friends and allow me to be able to be more candid. This was actually the impetus to launch this membership site in the first place. If I’m going to share important information, I need to be able to speak to you more frankly without the worry of censorship or prying ears.

… short and tight. I need inspiration each day. It helps me to get off on the right foot. So, every day, I’ll give you a simple snippet of inspiration concentrated in a brief but potent kick-start for your day. Many will originate from my personal and professional life. Some snippets may contain a way to understand my take on homeopathy philosophically and practically. Some may be sprinkled with nuggets I’ve gleaned from working with the suffering of others or working in Kolkata. Some may be from others — nuggets of wisdom that have inspired me.

… I believe will be useful to you. Of course, your input is valued, so add your requests to the special thread in the group.

AND … you will be some of the first to see my newest courses, as I will offer sneak peeks to you as members. Watch your emails for more details to follow.

… to watch and watch again at your convenience without joining Facebook. Enjoy that familiar, satisfying feeling of joining an adventure, pursuing a worthy goal and receiving positive emotional energy. It’s addicting (in the very best way)! We’ve even added closed captioning so you can watch the videos quietly.

What a legacy to pass on to the generations that follow you! Please take full advantage of what I offer you.

I’m hoping that what I teach you here will become so embedded in your thinking that it will be a natural event to simply offer this remedy for this condition and that remedy for that.

That should be your goal! It’s certainly MY goal for YOU, and I will be there to help — every step of the way.

Finally, let me share what I envision is the most important reason to join my Mighty Members.

I want this membership group to become a mighty force for change.

This kind of personal change, when united with like-minded others, becomes a force.

I want us to be a force — not only in your ability — but as a unity in financial strength as well.

For that reason, I will donate a portion of your membership investment to a cause that I believe will affect policy for health freedom and homeopathy protection. With the passing of Dr. Pratip Banerji, we’re establishing a commitment to the formation of the  Dr. Pratip Banerji Memorial Foundation, intended to help patients get help from the protégé doctors who worked with Dr. Banerji.

I can’t think of a better way to keep homeopathy alive and well. (Well … except to educate mothers, grandmothers and others to be able to use this medicine with aplomb!)

Together, we can strengthen our underpinnings and affect the globe. So, let’s make this an unstoppable movement while, at the same time, we learn and feel good together!

It’s a win, win, WIN for all of us!

Join, check it out, and together … we will make a difference!

Joette's Mighty Members

Join, check it out, and together ... we will make a difference.

SO, here it is … what you get when you activate your account receive one of two free gifts!

Monthly Activation Gift

(When you activate the monthly membership option)

Imagine this … 

Fifty-two important remedy pictures … a year’s worth of blog remedy cards compiled in a convenient, downloadable PDF format. This makes the perfect addition to your homeopathic library! Actually, we now have several booklets available for you to download.

These booklets include the remedy cards taken from prior years of blogs (with the URL of the original blog noted so you can read the reasoning behind the remedy section).

Build your homeopathic library as searchable files on your computer. Or you can print them out as convenient cards and keep them together in a book for those times when you don’t have your computer handy.

Do we want to give a number. Won’t there be a new one coming for the anniversary?

Retail Price: $107.00 Download immediately from the Membership Site.

Yearly Activation Gift

(When you activate the yearly membership option)

An annual collection of all my blogs compiled each year …

plus two prior eBooks containing years 2013-2015 and 2016-2020!

Each book contains hundreds of pages with an active table of contents, with each blog title in the table linking directly to the unique, full blog article.

From bee stings to back aches. Stomach aches to sleeping disorders. Bedwetting to bad behavior. It’s all there and more.

Plus, you can easily search by condition or remedy and find the potency and frequency.

AND what I also love is my website enhancement team has made these eBooks downloadable, so you can depend on them whenever you need them — even if your internet connection is down!

Retail Price: $275.00 Download immediately from the Membership Site.

So, if taking my courses seems too much of a commitment right now; OR you’ve already taken my courses and want more, more, more; OR you’re planning to take my courses but just want to get your feet wet until you do … my friends, let’s get cozy. Let’s get closer. Let me share with you my methods — without censorship or fear of being “fact-checked” — with a super-small commitment of $9 a month (or even less if you subscribe annually).

Let’s do it. Let’s do it together! I’ll see you on the other side.

Joette’s Mighty Members

Mighty Members Button

Join, check it out, and together … we will make a difference.

Yes Joette! I’d like to activate my membership as a monthly member for $9.00 (USD) today, then $9.00 (USD) every 30 days as long as I remain a member.  I understand that I can cancel my membership anytime.

The Terms & Conditions of Joette’s Mighty Membership and usage of By purchasing the above product, I authorize Practical Homeopathy Inc. ( Peppina Publishing LLC ) to continue my Monthly Membership to ($9.00) automatically, charged monthly, to the payment method provided until and unless I cancel my membership.

Remedy Card Booklets:
Download immediately from the Membership site

Yes Joette! I’d like to get 2 months FREE when I activate my membership as an annual member for just a single payment of $108.00 $90.00 (USD) today, then $90.00 (USD) every year as long as I remain a member. I understand that I can cancel my membership anytime. I understand I am receiving a special discount by choosing this option.

The Terms & Conditions of Joette’s Membership and usage of By purchasing the above product, I authorize Practical Homeopathy Inc. ( Peppina Publishing LLC ) to bill $90.00 annually to my payment method provided. I understand I am receiving a special discount and a bonus gift by choosing this option.

Remedy Card Booklets:
Download immediately from the Membership site
Bonus: – Remedy Reference Guide Downloadable eBooks:
Look for your copy on the private Mighty Members site.