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  • Monthly rollouts of valuable, instructive content
    • A list of the Top 200 Homeopathic Medicines to Know
      • Flashcards for learning the medicines and their keynotes
        New flashcards are added each month. Cards are interactively designed to accelerate your
        learning of important keynotes that will help you choose the correct medicine quickly and
        accurately. Even if a loved one calls out in the middle of the night, you won’t be freaking.
      • A valuable resource page
        First up: Joette walks you through several materia medicas and suggests which you may
        want to add to your homeopathic library.
      • Short, insightful, updated mini-lessons from my timeless, highly-valued protocol courses.
      • Snippets of content from my higher levels of education, The Academy of Practical Homeopathy® and Mastery™.
  • Regular Zoom meetings with me providing homeopathic teaching, a bit of inspiration and answers to your pressing questions. (My experience confirms that here is also where you will meet and establish life-long friendships with other Mighties Plus members.)
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