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“Attention: I am ready and excited to pass my personal knowledge and specially crafted methods along to YOU, my valued students, through this course.”

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain
Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

Pain demands attention.

Pain demands urgent action.

Pain demands a solution.

We all know Big Pharma’s solution for chronic pain… Opioids. Need I say more?

Chronic pain can make life unbearable.

There’s the pain itself: the immediate and often severe suffering that is a result of the physical sensation of pain.

We mourn all the things we miss out on because of pain and fatigue.

There’s the pain itself: the immediate and often severe suffering that is a result of the physical sensation of pain.

We experience the stress and frustration of searching for answers. The late nights spent in front of the computer trying to do the detective work… asking questions like:

WHY do I have chronic pain?

What’s the cause?

How do I fix it?

Could it be…
Lyme Disease?
A neurological problem?
A connective tissue disorder?
Some virus or lurking infection?  

Why Me? Or Worse! Why my child?

How long can this go on?

We consult doctors, therapists, internet gurus, chiropractors, acupuncturists…we exhaust every resource looking for relief…looking for a CURE.

We try opioids, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid shots or even antidepressants, but rightfully worry about the side effects and damage being done to our bodies.

And meanwhile, long term pain slowly starts taking a toll on our mental health.

We find ourselves






Is there a better way?

I am offering a safe, efficacious solution. 

In my experience, homeopathy, specifically Practical Homeopathy®, is the magic bullet for pain. Especially chronic pain. 

You may be wondering, “Wait, did I read that correctly? Especially chronic pain?!”

Yes. You read correctly. Especially chronic pain.  

Let me give you some examples of the kinds of success stories that I’ve witnessed.

Gloria Doyle was a mother running a busy and VERY active household.

The men in the Doyle family were blessed with robust health. Gloria’s husband John seemed to never get sick, and Gloria’s sons Robert and Henry were avid athletes who bounded from room to room with cheerful energy. Gloria, on the other hand, spent what felt like most of her time in bed.

Gloria’s favorite song as a teenager had been her namesake Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit, I Will Survive. Gloria used to enjoy dancing dramatically around the house to the sound of this song while she cooked meals and cared for her young sons. As small boys, they joined in with the laughter and dancing, copying their mother’s over-the-top disco poses.

These days however, Gloria rarely listened to loud music, though she did hold on to the quintessential line from the song as a sort of mantra she repeated to herself during her worst moments:

“I will survive…I WILL survive!” She repeated these words with the gusto of a disco diva (if only in her mind) during her worst moments to remind herself she wasn’t about to give up.

Gloria had been getting terrible migraines for years.

The kind of migraines that made her see stars, auras, and even flashing disco lights. The kind of migraines that made noise sear through her head like a cold, sharp knife. The kind of migraines that made it impossible to do anything.  

Gloria was really struggling to be a part of her family because of this.

The guys had meals without her.

Went on day trips without her.

She was missing all of her sons’ sporting events, worried that the cheering and noise would trigger a migraine.

Gloria felt like she was becoming more and more cut off from their world.

She alternated between being irritable and impatient with her family, and guilty and remorseful that she wasn’t more present for them.

Gloria loved her husband and sons more than anything in the world, but instead of feeling she had “all her life to live” and “all her love to give”, like in her favorite song, Gloria felt she was lucky if she made it through the day without snapping at someone for letting the garbage overflow or tracking mud on the floor.

Gloria sought me out for help after a friend suggested that homeopathy might help her headaches, and I ended up taking her case. In homeopathy, we have many, MANY wonderful headache and migraine medicines. My favorite migraine protocol is Picric acid 200C mixed with Belladonna 3C, taken every 3 hours or so, depending on severity, as needed.

Gloria’s migraines turned out to be more hormonally driven though, and we ended up achieving success and uprooting her headaches completely by using a single homeopathic medicine: Sepia.

Gloria had her last migraine five weeks after starting her Sepia protocol.

By the time we had our eight-week assessment, Gloria was cautiously optimistic that she was no longer a woman who was prone to headaches.

When the Doyles contacted me a year later for help with Robert’s fractured collar bone pain (hockey!), Gloria confirmed to me that her optimistic hunch had proven correct. No migraines for a year! Gloria was a busy mother now, driving two teenagers to ice hockey, tennis, and soccer practices, and attending ALL of her sons’ frequent games, matches and tournaments.

In fact, Gloria was so busy and full of energy that she had almost forgotten what it was like to suffer from headaches!

Gloria once again felt she had all her life to live, and “surviving” was now a joy, not a struggle.

Now let me tell you about a more complex kind of case.

Sheila suffered from unexplained chronic pain. Her pain would move from one part of her body to another, seemingly without rhyme or reason.

Sometimes the pains were immediate and sharp,
sometimes they were heavy and aching.
Sometimes they felt like electric shocks,
sometimes cramps or spasms.
Sometimes numbness and tingling,
sometimes like a dull soreness.

Over the years, she had also developed depression and anxiety about her mysterious condition and the suffering that it caused her.

Sheila was constantly fatigued, and the pain made it difficult to concentrate or focus as well.

Her sleep schedule was always off and her moods fluctuated as a result…from depression to irritability to anxiety, with very little time left over for joy.


The diagnoses that various practitioners had proposed to explain Sheila’s pain included Central Sensitization, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sub-Clinical Hypothyroidism, Chronic Lyme Disease, Depression, and Epstein-Barr virus.

The treatments that Sheila tried ran the gamut, from dietary measures like cutting out gluten and dairy, to tens machine treatments, essential oils, meditation, acupuncture, vitamins, herbs and supplements, CBD oil, yoga, biofeedback, chiropractic, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, anticonvulsants and yes, even opioids.

Some treatments seemed to help for a while, but the pain would always return. Some treatments had terrible side-effects, while other treatments were cost-prohibitive.

Sheila had visited every kind of doctor imaginable: GPs, specialists of all sorts, Naturopaths, Functional MDs, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, even a Psychologist! Everyone had a theory about Sheila’s pain, but no one could give her a definitive answer or provide her with lasting relief.

When Sheila consulted me, she brought with her a long narrative that encompassed all of these unfruitful diagnoses. In general, I prefer for my clients to have a conventional medical diagnosis. It makes finding the correct homeopathic medicines a much easier, surer, and more streamlined process.

However, one of the beauties of homeopathy is that when diagnosis is seemingly impossible, we still have a reliable route to finding the correct medicines or protocols – the clarity and directness of our symptoms. In homeopathy, symptoms do not lie, and they serve as our guideposts.

Using Sheila’s symptoms, I chose protocols to address her pains, her depression and anxiety, her fatigue, and her brain fog. This is because, looking at the hierarchy of Sheila’s sufferings, these were the symptoms that caused the greatest impediment in her life.

Sheila’s case took longer to resolve than Gloria’s, but in Sheila’s case, the part of her illness that improved first was her energy level and mood. Even though the pain was only slightly improved in the beginning, Sheila found that her thinking was clearer, she felt better rested when she woke in the morning, and her depression and anxiety lifted, giving her hope for the future.

Over the course of months, the pain episodes became less and less frequent, the level of pain gradually reduced in severity, and each flare became shorter in duration.

Migraines that would have Sheila confined to bed all day faded into mild headaches.

Sore muscles that limited her mobility turned into mild stiffness first thing in the morning that melted away by the time she had finished her coffee.

After around a year of following her protocols, Sheila no longer considered herself a sufferer of chronic pain.

She no longer worried about Epstein-Barr, Fibromyalgia or Lyme Disease because she was no longer in pain or weighed down by fatigue. Her symptoms were not suppressed by drugs or anti-inflammatory supplements, her condition was truly uprooted and resolved.

She no longer avoided gluten or dairy.
She no longer felt depressed or anxious.

In fact, Sheila found she could bake and eat cake with homemade whipped cream frosting, and felt her life was hopeful, joyful, and fulfilling once again.

Now, Sheila is hooked on homeopathy and is thinking about studying to become a homeopath herself! Whether or not she ends up pursuing that, most importantly, Sheila has learned enough homeopathy to be the healer in her own home and is able to help her own family live a drug-free, healthy, robust, generally pain-free lifestyle.

So now, let me ask you…

Do you feel trapped in a prison of chronic pain?

Are you burdened by watching a loved one suffer from chronic pain?

Are you searching for safe and gentle ways to help your family through acute pains like headaches, growing pains, joint pains, dental pains and more without resorting to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs?

This is the course to help you learn the most effective, side-effect free remedies for the most common types of acute and chronic pain.

Because pain makes us stop in our tracks. 

Pain immobilizes us. 

Pain forces us to search for solutions IMMEDIATELY.

When we can’t afford to waste time and need relief fast, Practical Homeopathy® is the solution.  As safe as Classical Homeopathy, but quicker, easier, and more streamlined.

If you are a mother or a grandmother, learn this information now, BEFORE you need it, so that you will be ready, prepared and well-practiced when pain attacks.

In this course, I’ll pass along the information you need so that you will know how to uproot pain with homeopathy.
I aim to teach you the skills you need to apply the information quickly and effectively.
I want you to use this information and practice these skills to gain confidence, competence, calm, and courage so that:


When pain tries to trip you up, you can maintain a cool head and a light heart, and banish the pain like a pro.

My Story

Hi everyone,

My name is Joette Calabrese and I’m a homeopathic consultant, lecturer, and author.

I’m also a Weston A. Price Foundation Honorary Board member and 9-year inaugural author of the column Wise Traditions called, “The Homeopathy Journal.”

But more importantly, I’m also a mother and a person just like you who has struggled with serious health conditions in the past.

My journey to health was long and winding, but the single modality that had the most powerful impact on my healing was, without a doubt, homeopathy.

In fact, these tiny little pills made such a difference in my health that I fell in love with this medicine and devoted my life to studying it.

As a homeopathic consultant and educator, I help people uproot their health conditions day after day, seven days a week, week after week, and I have been doing this for decades.

I find that this medicine not only brings me health, vitality, and more energy than I’ve ever had before, but it also brings me JOY — not stress.

I want to teach you the shortcuts, tips, and tricks I have learned over the years.

Shortcuts and strategies that make this powerful medicine even MORE effective than I imagined it could be when I first fell in love with it.

And I’m in a unique position to teach these skills.

You will not get this information anywhere else.

After decades of study and professional work as a homeopathic consultant…I’m talking 35 years of experience with over 137,000 consultations, let me assure you, I’ve heard all the stories.

I have gathered enough time-tested protocols and witnessed enough resounding success stories that I’m ready AND EXCITED to pass along this valuable knowledge and my personally honed methods to YOU, my students.

If you are a student or client of mine, then you know that it is possible to care for oneself and one’s family using exclusively homeopathy for most conditions.
That’s how I raised my family, and I know that many of you are doing the same.

Get started today!

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

This is the course to help you learn the most effective, side-effect-free remedies for acute and chronic pain.

When practiced properly, homeopathy is a safe, gentle, natural medicine that has withstood the test of time and brought healing to millions of people over the last two centuries.

A medicine that YOU can learn and put to use at home.

A medicine that is inexpensive, empowering, and free from damaging side-effects.
A medicine that is FUN to learn. I want to teach you my methods, methods that I’ve honed through decades of study and clinical practice.

Alright folks,  many of you already know that I’m a mom who has raised her three boys to adulthood using only homeopathy, pig-headed determination and guts, spunk, and moxie – (more about this later). This course is for you if you know a lot of homeopathy This course is for you even if you know very little homeopathy… And it’s particularly for you if you’ve struggled in the past with using homeopathy.

What kinds of topics will we be covering?

I want to lead you through a program that delves into the nature of pain from a homeopathic perspective.

The nature of this course is unique compared to other courses. This is not primarily a protocol or condition focused course.

Instead, we spend more time focusing on a Repertorizing approach to pain as well as a Materia Medica approach: I talk about repertorizing pain, regardless of where it is in the body, and I highlight my favorite go-to medicines for pain and talk about when and how to use them.

Everyone should get Robin Murphy’s Repertory; it is not required but you’ll get the most out of this course and your future endeavors if you purchase this.

You can also occasionally find free public domain repertories online.  Here is a link to a downloadable copy of Kent’s Repertory;

We take a deep dive into these medicines and how I use them for pain:

We take a deep dive into these medicines and how I use them for pain:

Learning about health is never simple. Homeopathy, and human health in general, are like a tapestry of interwoven threads. These threads consist of not only the intricately interrelated functions of the body, but also the different kinds of knowledge and skills that we juggle as healers: diagnosis, protocols, case taking and case management, observation, assessment, and experience.

I believe that my Practical Homeopathy® approach simplifies this process in a way that makes it easier to learn and apply than the Classical approach in which I was trained.

However, this is relative!

As a beginner, you will find some information that you can put to effective use immediately.

Even so, you will also find that the more you learn, the more there IS to learn, and the more nuanced and refined your understanding will become. I cannot stress enough the importance of diligent and attentive study, prudence and caution in our approach to health, and dedication to continued learning.

Get started today!

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

choose safe, effective homeopathic medicines quickly

I’ll also teach how to use pain symptoms as a guiding indicator to help us choose safe, effective homeopathic medicines quickly – so we can obtain relief fast!

Over time I learned not only what remedies, protocols and methods work the best and most consistently, I’ve also had the chance to observe the mistakes that lead people down fruitless paths, delaying them from achieving the health results they are searching for.

Pain can be confusing. Confusing because when we are in the midst of pain, we can’t always think clearly.

Confusing because we don’t always understand WHY we have pain.
Confusing because we don’t know what treatments to utilize.
Should we change our diet?
Take supplements?
Seek treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, acupuncture, or some combination of the above?

Homeopathy has methods for addressing pain complaints without the risks of drugs and surgery, even when the condition is of long standing.

It is helpful to have a conventional diagnosis, but when the doctors are stumped and no diagnosis is forthcoming, homeopathy still has methods to uproot the pain.

Those methods are in this course.

I believe that homeopathy can and WILL work alone.

And you won’t have to…

Make drastic changes to your diet…
Spend money on supplements…
Track down therapists to perform adjustments and injections and stimulations and relaxations and manipulations and detoxifications. Just simple little pills that gently usher in a healing response.

In my time as a practicing homeopath,
I’ve taken a great number of pain cases. 

35 years of experience with over
137,000 consultations. I’ve heard all the stories.

Let me assure you, homeopathy has excellent medicines for addressing ailments ranging from the most minor and acute, such as a paper cut, to the most debilitating and chronic, such as arthritis. 

From the top of the head (migraines) to the tips of the toes (gout).  

From mildly irritating pain such as stiff muscles after exercising, to severe, screaming pain, such as dental pain or a pinched nerve in the spine.

If you intuitively feel that toxic drugs are not the answer when it comes to pain relief,

If you’re searching for a medicine that will truly help your body to heal and uproot the pain once and for all…

then join, listen, learn how homeopathy can address pain.

I cover my go-to medicines for pain in general, some Practical Protocols, my proven shortcuts to success and quick relief, and I’ll ALSO discuss what to do when we need to take a more individualized approach as well.

Get started today!

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

I’ll be discussing concepts and details like:

  • How the homeopathic approach differs from the naturopathic, functional medicine, or conventional medical approach to pain.
  • How to identify the kinds of diagnoses that provide us with the information we need to choose a protocol.
  • Practical Protocols for pain, and for common conditions characterized by pain.
  • The importance of symptoms and how they guide our choice of medicine.
  • How to find and choose the best homeopathic medicines to uproot pain when a protocol or diagnosis is not available to us.
  • How to utilize a Materia Medica and Repertory to find the best medicines for the job.
  • Sample cases so I can show you examples of how I think through protocol choices for characters suffering from multiple conditions.


Download the Pain Infographic today!

Pain Infographic

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This is what I want to share with you and teach you.

I want to hold your hand and coach you along while you pursue the goal of true health, not just temporary relief.

Homeopathy, like any worthwhile medical modality, is complex. But I can teach you the shortcuts I’ve learned through time and experience.  

And let me assure you, homeopathy is easy in comparison to trying to damp down your pain with over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.  

Homeopathy is easy in comparison to trying to develop and stick with an expensive vitamin and supplement regimen.  

Homeopathy is easy in comparison to identifying and following a complex diet or nutrition plan that may not even help you in the long run. 

I choose homeopathy because

I no longer have time to waste pouring over these expensive, draining, and impossibly complex modalities.

Why should I waste time chasing the latest health fads when I know homeopathy can do the job simply, and with less stress?

When homeopathy has been doing the job for over 200 years?

Deep down, we know there must be a better way.

It’s time to go in-depth and share my favorite methods with you. I’ll not only teach you the medicines and protocols I personally use, but we’ll also observe sample cases where I show you how I like to lay out and combine those medicines.

All of this will be discussed in a step-by-step fashion that makes homeopathy relatively easy to learn and apply at home.

Joette has drastically changed the health of my family! Her courses are fantastic and have made homeopathy accessible and useable to families without requiring them to have years of study before being able to successfully use the protocols. And on top of that, the amount of free information she provides to the public is amazing. I have learned so much from her and have successfully treated many illnesses and injuries without having to resort to powerful drugs with long lists of side effects.

Your Takeaway

In over 15 hours of pre-recorded teaching time, I’ll first explain the foundational stuff:

  • How to understand pain according to Practical Homeopathic principles. 
  • How to take a case that involves conditions characterized by pain.
  • How to prioritize the problems one is addressing when pain concerns are forefront.
  • How to choose from among different remedies for these conditions.
  • How remedies are most effectively administered in both chronic and acute scenarios.
  • How to observe and assess a case and look for improvement over time. 
  • What to do if you are not having success – how to change course and choose a different remedy or protocol if needed.

Some of this foundational instruction constitutes a refresher for my former students.

But rest assured, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced student of mine, this information is certain to benefit you.

With each new “take” on a subject and the new perspective gained from each different course, you will flesh out your understanding and sharpen your grasp of these topics.

Building on this foundational work, I’ll further discuss:

How diagnosis relates to homeopathy’s approach to pain.

  • How too much theorizing can hamper your quest for health: chasing the wrong “diagnosis.” If your starting assumptions are wrong, your whole paradigm will be wrong.

Foundation built – we’ll take a controlled deep dive:

I’ll teach you protocols I’ve developed over the years, protocols I learned directly from the Banerjis in Kolkata, India. However, this course will be less focused on specific conditions. This time we’re going to focus more on the different kinds of pain symptoms and how to know which medicines to consider first.

Banerji Protocol vs. Classical Homeopathy

We’ll look at my favorite homeopathic medicines that I use time and time again to address pain. I’ll show how these specific medicines can be used in different scenarios and for different ailments, and you’ll gain an understanding of which to reach for first when you encounter different kinds of pain.

Case studies. We use “fictional” cases as teaching examples throughout the course, but these fictional cases are composites that include details pulled from the real cases that students sent in.

Get started today!

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

And just like my other courses:

And just like all my other courses:

*A FREE BONUS foundational mini-course. This is an entire course in and of itself! Upon registration, you will receive access to Intro to Homeopathy, a five-part video series that explains the basics of homeopathy. This is the ultimate foundational course, a pre-requisite if you will, for my other courses.

*If you are new to homeopathy, this is the homework that will bring you up to speed before this course starts. If you are experienced, it provides a valuable refresher for some things you may have forgotten or missed.

*Let me warn you, my courses are so crammed with information that people used to complain they felt overwhelmed. I DON’T WANT YOU TO FEEL OVERWHELMED. I want you to find this easy, fun, and doable. That’s why I made this mini-course. That’s why I created this format that allows you to go back and review each lesson as many times as you like, as slowly or as quickly as you like.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and my classes draw an audience that covers the broadest range from experienced medical practitioners, to curious moms with no prior experience with homeopathy. I believe I’ve perfected the art of making sure no matter what your skill level is, you will feel comfortable with and able to benefit from my courses; that’s the whole point.

MY goal is for YOU to learn the skills and information you need to care for your family with homeopathy, and to achieve so many success stories that you develop the same passion for homeopathy that I have.

I believe that knowledge is power.

And as long as I am able … I want to see that power returned to the capable, caring, conscientious hands of mothers who have gained the confidence to use it. 

Natural medicine made easy. My Practical Homeopathy®, Proven Protocols:
Learn them and use them with confidence!

This is my secret sauce that keeps me buoyant, energetic, productive and optimistic.

Get started today!

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

Trust me, the money you won’t be spending on supplements, over-the-counter pain relievers, co-pays for prescription drugs (or worse) will likely pay for this course in a very short time.

How much would you spend to get back your vitality, quality of life, and renewed involvement with family and friends?

This is an indispensable course if you are looking to learn how to become the healer in YOUR home when it comes to conditions such as:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis & joint pain
  • Back pain and sciatica
  • Muscle pain
  • Dental pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Growing pains
  • Gout
  • Nerve pain
  • Spasms & cramps
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Chronic pain after injury/old injury pain that comes back
  • Idiopathic/unexplained pain
  • And much more

Keep in mind when I produced this course live it was interactive – the students ( just like you) influenced what supplemental topics were covered.  I added a 5th class as the request for more content grew.

This course is based on over 35 years of experience with over 137,000 consultations. I’ve heard all the stories.

Most of my clients came to me after they’d tried everything else.

  • Are you tired of going to conventional doctors who don’t have time to listen and who push drugs with serious side-effects?  
  • Are you frustrated with trying to sort out all the different theories and variables one must consider when researching a naturopathic or functional medicine approach to health?  

My Practical Homeopathy® Methods make the journey to health so much simpler – without the side-effects.

  • If you want to get off the modern medical conveyor belt of managing your problems with pharmaceutical drugs …
  • If you want to stop wasting your precious family time searching for the next best alternative medical paradigm … hours spent researching vitamin and mineral dosages, dietary rules, and complex theories about the possible root cause of your disease …
  • If you are tired of expensive supplements, joyless and stressful restrictive diets, and endless therapies with no cure in sight …

There is an easier way. Homeopathy was the answer I spent years looking for, and once I found it I never looked back. 

Get started today!

Make It Stop!

Escape From the Prison of Chronic (and Acute) Pain Using Practical Homeopathy®
Learn Effective Methods to Uproot Pain, Often for Good

A Bonus for Those New to Homeopathy

Remember when I said at the beginning that this course is for you, even if you know very little about homeopathy?

Here’s why: I am including a 5-part, pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation entitled: Intro To Homeopathy and Banerji Approach to Homeopathy.

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will be provided a link to a special page where you will be able to watch the presentation as many times as you wish.

Each student who watches these five 10-20 minute presentations will come away with a better understanding of the theory and history of homeopathy.

Now, no worries. You will have a better grasp of homeopathy so that you can begin this course and hit the ground running.


I know you are hungry to learn a safe, inexpensive
way to uproot your family’s pain… 

Take a deep breath and relax … you are right where you should be

I know because I was there many years ago. Back then, I wish I knew what I know now. I didn’t have someone to hold my hand and show me the shortcuts, but you do

Are you still asking,
“Why should I take this course?”
Simple. Because there is a gentle, effective and MUCH SAFER way to pursue our health goals. 

A medicine that supports our bodies’ healing process without the side-effects and dangers that accompany pharmaceutical painkillers.  

And I’m in the best position to teach you how to use this medicine YOURSELF. Join me and change your life.

My offer to you is risk-free.

My offer to you is risk-free.

Practical Homeopathy will, upon request via, issue a refund if the request is made within 24 hours of purchase and the title has not been watched for more than 2 hours.

You can request a refund for nearly any purchase on Practical Homeopathy – for any reason. Maybe you purchased a course by mistake or maybe, after watching an hour of a course video, you felt it was not right for you.

There are more details but even if you fall outside of the refund rules described here, you can still request a refund, and we’ll take a look.

Don’t let this chance pass you by and live to regret it.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Things to be done tomorrow are frequently not done at all. 

Just pay now, and we’ll bill your credit card the rest in four interest-free payments, 30 days apart.

The savings in co-pays could pay for the course. The health gains for you and your family? Priceless.

If you believe in homeopathy, if you dislike the pharmaceutical option, if intuitively, you are simply looking for another way…

This is the time.

This is the moment.

You will not find this material anywhere else. (Unless you can get a fellowship and want to travel to India!)

Final thoughts

I have been reading a book by Angela Duckworth, PhD, titled Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

You know I often talk about raising my kids to adulthood with just homeopathy. I have attributed that achievement partly to having guts, spunk, and moxie

But I have struggled with how to pass on qualities that are difficult to teach… with how to show my students (who may not think they have the guts, spunk, and moxie needed) to reach their desired level of achievement – the competence and confidence to use homeopathy efficaciously.

Ms. Duckworth, PhD, in a clinical and empirical study, came up with the formula for achievement: 

TALENT multiplied by EFFORT equals SKILL       


My take on this? – Substitute Knowledge for Talent, Experience for Effort and Competence for Skill…

Knowledge x Experience = Competence

Competence x Experience = Achievement, Confidence, and Transformational Action

Now you know what I know –

  • It does not take special talent to use homeopathy.
  • It will not take years to reach achievement. My methods, coupled with what I learned in 60+ weeks in India with the Dr.’s Banerji, will get you started quickly.  
  • You can do this.  

A medicine that is FUN to learn.  

The outcome of this knowledge could be transformational for you, your family, and the generations to follow … Could there be any BETTER reason to take this course? I think not!

Join me!   


P.S. Here is a link to the Infographic – Practical Homeopathy® Can Free Us From the Prison of Pain


Still not convinced? Here’s what others are saying:

These are all from real students; I simply changed their names to protect their identities. Register for this class, and once you have completed your study you’ll be able to join my Student Forum where you can meet these and other students, share knowledge, and create lifelong friendships.