Ultimate Cool Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy


(Pricing varies depending on how many licenses you would like to purchase.)

By default, purchasing one license for The Ultimate Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy course will give your student and you, the parent, the ability to access the course. Purchasing any additional license(s) will allow additional student(s) to access the course simultaneously, once you add their student information.

Please note: It is not required that you purchase additional licenses. After one child from your family has completed the course, you may contact the office to have them removed and add a different child (living under the same roof).

You only need to purchase additional licenses if you will have multiple students going through the course at the same time.

The $151.20 registration fee includes all the enhancements, quizzes and homework for one child. When the child has completed the course, and you would like to enroll another child (living under the same roof), please contact Eileen in the office and request the next enrollment. Currently, there is no charge for the registration renewal for another child.

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