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The Ultimate Cool Kids’ Guide to Homeopathy:

Become a Revolutionary Independent Thinker with Practical Homeopathy®

As parents, we encourage our children to be all they can be … to reach their highest potential and take on the world forthrightly. 

And when we do that with love, patience and dedication, it works. I know because I did it with my own kids 25 years ago.

Here is a fact: The study of homeopathy builds self-sufficiency, competence and confidence. 

I believe it helps one to develop true self-esteem — the kind that arises from mastery of skills and growth of character.

Real self-worth comes from having self-respect. And self-respect arises in response to the same qualities that cause us to respect others: doing things that we respect and living in a way that we respect.

I want to help you challenge your child so they stretch, grow and develop — not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and in their character, knowledge and skill.

Trust me, when they get their first positive result — be it treating their dog, cat or fish — the sense of accomplishment will reinforce their studies. There is no limit to this pattern. 

Imagine how that positive feeling will reverberate through all aspects of their young lives.

Character development takes work, discipline and dedication. And from experience, I know it can be self-sustaining. But it can be fun! And that’s my goal … to make it fun.

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My Story

Many of you already know me. I’m Joette Calabrese, a homeopathic consultant, lecturer and author.

I’m also a Weston A. Price Foundation Honorary Board member and inaugural author of the column in Wise Traditions called “The Homeopathy Journal.”

Most importantly, I’m a mom who has raised her three boys to adulthood using only homeopathy and pig-headed determination.

My Reasoning


Years ago, when I had only one child, I was in the throes of agonizing over what educational models my husband and I should be considering for him and our future children.

I was drawn to John Taylor Gotto’s book and the works of Charlotte Iserbyt.

The writings of these authors discouraged me from considering certain kinds of public education. So, I was left to choose from private, Catholic or Christian education over what the public education system offered (particularly in our then-state of New York).

But the more I studied and read these kinds of authors, the more it became clear to me that the task of educating my children was a responsibility that began at home. It was more my job and my husband’s job than anyone else’s.

I simply could not offload the bulk of that responsibility to others.

I already knew this instinctively in other areas of parental life. I wasn’t willing to buy fast food. I wanted to make my own meals from high-quality ingredients for my children.

I wanted to consider carefully when choosing which church we went to.

I wanted to make conscious choices about what kind of medicine we were going to use.   

We would not be a family that dropped our children off at a daycare center. I did not want to miss my child’s first words.

I wanted to be the one to change my baby’s diaper.

I wanted to be the one who made his food from scratch.

I wanted to be the one who taught him our family’s traditions and religious beliefs.

I wanted to be the one.

But despite my yearning to be all that I could be as a parent, I couldn’t do it all. I was never very good at math!

So, when we decided to homeschool our children, my husband taught the math. I taught English. I taught some music, and I taught science.

This course is different

Today, my three adult children are independent and fully self-sufficient.

My oldest is a captain for a major airline.

My middle son runs a property management company.

And my youngest has full responsibility for maintaining our company computers and system-wide server.

At that time in my life, when I was homeschooling my young boys, I was also going to homeopathy school in Toronto.      

I did this for five years.

While studying, it hit me that I was paying for this education, and it would make sense to have my children learn homeopathy, too.

So, for the science block of their homeschooling, I included some conventional science books. (I was able to eschew the politically correct science that is so heavy-handedly taught in some schools.) Then, I added homeopathic self-care to our curriculum, which naturally lead to learning anatomy and physiology.

Also, Latin, botany and zoology, too!  

What I mean by “self-care” is that I taught my boys practical, homeopathic strategies to deal with their own minor ailments — i.e., when something happens; this is what you do.

And that reverberated through our curriculum. Not only did my sons learn practical lessons and develop hands-on skills, but they developed self-reliance along the way.

And if you know me, you know how much I value self-reliance. In a way, I think of it as the master skill.

Whether you refer to it as grit, mettleresourcefulness or independence, it is the character trait that helps us become lifelong learners, accomplished doers and brave thinkers.

It’s the character trait at the root of leadership, fortitude, creativity and success.

I found that each success my children achieved using homeopathy — from their first cure onward — had a cumulative, positive effect.

Because we lived in the country, our children learned how to treat their goats, chickens and ducks with homeopathy. We rescued kittens and wildlife. Plus, they learned how to treat themselves when they needed it. 

The pride and exhilarated feelings they experienced from their accomplishments circled back and reinforced more enthusiasm for learning.

My husband and I felt the study of homeopathy was an important part of their education. It was seamlessly integrated into our homeschooling lives, along with homemade foods, small homesteading, Sunday church, classical music, extended family gatherings every Sunday, and plenty of time for sports and play. Homeopathy just fit in without a hitch.

Today, for my kids, homeopathy is their first choice of medicine.

They may not have the depth of knowledge and experience I do, they may not have the immediate answers I have, but I’m grateful that my expertise lets me hold on to some continued medical relevance in their lives, and I’m glad they love homeopathy enough to value my expertise.

I hear stories of their adventures with homeopathy as adults living their own lives – stories such as treating their friends’ headaches, uprooting sports injuries from working out too long in the gym, or helping their cat get over a urinary infection.

My now adult sons are able to help their friends, and their skills in this area are valued and appreciated by those friends.  

Homeopathy fits in with a holistic, holy, self-sustaining family lifestyle. A family centered lifestyle.

Self-reliance comes from:

  • Taking on responsibility for not only yourself but also for those who are dependent on you … right down to your dog or cat
  • Pursuing character growth and integrity
  • Pursuing important goals
  • Pursuing knowledge
  • Mending rather than spending
  • Creating rather than buying
  • A spirit of invention
  • Independent thinking
  • Being a leader or collaborator rather than a passive bystander

One of the aspects I like about homeopathy is that it is not unlike studying one’s faith, music, philosophy or some other grand subject that one finds fascinating. It is a never-ending journey. You could study for decades and still have more to learn.

The study of homeopathy contains enough rich material to satisfy the intellectual.

The study of homeopathy is practical and hands-on in a way that will keep the restless actively engaged.

The study of homeopathy is nurturing enough to feed the soul of the child who loves to care for animals and to help others.

The study of homeopathy is useful enough to excite the child who dreams of being a great athlete, explorer, outdoorsman or soldier.

I believe it has something to offer everyone. It’s an enjoyable, lifelong pursuit with benefits that will extend beyond any one child or personality.

I don’t have to tell those who are homeschoolers that this course is obviously for more than one child. (And timeless, by the way!) 

In fact, this is a family course meant to be studied together. Of course, you don’t have to all study at the same time (although you certainly can if you wish), but this course is definitely intended to foster family cohesiveness …

Whether you’re 15 years old or 50.

I’m labeling this course for ages 12 and up. However, I encourage parents to make certain it is being studied in such a way that even the little ones — as well as grandma — hear it, too. This curriculum will resonate with everyone on some level.

Are You Ready To Start?

Jump in, start watching and begin treating your family’s allergies with homeopathy!

Are you thinking this course would be a great experience for your child, BUT there is no way you could take on another task?

I just might have the solution.

I have created a Guided Leader Program.

Your child not only has the advantage of learning with their peers in a virtual learning club, but they also get a seasoned, knowledgeable instructor. Meanwhile, YOU get to focus on YOU. Everyone benefits.

Call my office and speak with Eileen (561) 537-5900. Or leave a message, and Eileen will call you back.

It is time to start your child’s journey.

Trust me on this: This curriculum was forged over 30 years ago and then refined, remodeled and fine-tuned over the fifteen years I taught it to my kids.

And most importantly, today, we have the ability to witness the successful results in my now-adult children.

What comes with the course?

There is a term in psychology to describe a phenomenon we see all around us in today’s world: Learned Helplessness.

When people feel they have no control over their situation and no tools to improve their situation, little by little, they end up behaving — and worse, thinking — in a helpless manner.

They are no longer capable of perceiving opportunities for change. They become like leaves floating in a river, swept along by the currents and incapable of self-direction. I believe this can lead to depression, apathy and stagnation.

Together, we will turn that flow around by encouraging the individual to become independent and building back the structure of success.

They say knowledge is power. I say knowledge is power is peace of mind.

I congratulate you for considering the possibility of arming your child with self-reliance for their own self-care.

But I’m sure you’ll find this opportunity is not just for your child but for your entire family and its lasting legacy. The knowledge of homeopathy will reverberate out to the whole family.

I encourage you to build your family’s legacy through your children.

Are You Ready To Start?

Jump in, start watching and begin treating your family’s allergies with homeopathy!

Click on the image of Buster’s Tips to download the infographic: 
Homeopathy for Pets: Buster’s Tips. My poodle and I designed it for this course. (Spoiler alert: They’ll work on your dog, too!)  

My offer to you is risk-free.

There are more details, but even if you fall outside of the refund rules described here, you can still request a refund, and we’ll take a look.

Don’t let this chance pass you by
and live to regret it.

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